jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

Nicole and Steve / Almiral de la Font, Sitges

Steve and Nicole chose one of the most stunning villas around Sitges for their wedding celebrations. Almiral de la Font sits on the hills of Olivella, short drive from the beaches of Sitges. It was hot, September day. The ceremony was held at the grounds of Masia followed by the session on the streets and beaches of our beautiful Sitges. 
Congratulations Nicole, congratulations Steve! Hope this will be a nice remainder of that special, summer day:)))

all photos avaliable here:

fotografia:  Ramiro Elena / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES

event:       Masia Almiral de la Font http://www.almiraldelafont.com
wedding planner: The Bride :)))

Enhorabuena Steve & Nicole !!

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