miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Marie & Per Kristian / Hotel Sumidors, Sant Pere de Ribes

Marie and Per Kristian got married in Masia Sumidors, lovely rural hotel, tucked away between the hills of Garraff. It was one of last weddings of 2015 season.  It was the middle of October but the days were still warm and sunny.{ Ramiro - some input :)? }


fotografia: Ramiro Elena / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
venue: Hotel Sumidors, Sant Pere de Ribes  http://sumidors.com/
planner: Lisa Hatle / BARCELONABRYLLUP www.barcelonabryllup.com/

martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Lizzie & John / Masia Can Valldaura, Barcelona

Please meet Lizzie and John. Last September they flew from U.S. carrying with them life belongings and a plan to start their new, Spanish, chapter of life. As I see on Facebook - they haven't left yet :)

Lizzie is wonderful and very talented writer, warm and genuine girl. She writes with wit and honesty. I am in love with her [writing] :) Please read her beautiful thoughts here:

I love looking back at our wedding photos because they are bursting with details I could never have registered on the day. The tie my brother chose to wear, the antique wedding band my mother-in-law wore because it matches my engagement ring. They are the pocket sized decisions our loved ones made in order to celebrate that very big one that had brought us all together: John and my decision to get married. 
A marriage is for two, but getting married is for many. Amidst the event coordinating, spectacle mounting and rodeo wrangling, it’s easy to forget that guests didn’t come for the table settings. So we chose instead to set the table with our friends and family, reveling in the same communal sense of celebration and contribution we would have enjoyed if we’d invited our closest friends and family into our home. Because that’s essentially what we did. 
John’s and my love is our home, a shelter from the storm and that intimate space we wanted to share with our loved ones on our wedding day. It was an exhilarating experience. The hours seemed to tumble one on top of the other, like one of those movie montages where everything is brief and exciting and beautiful. The perfection was exquisite. The imperfection was legendary. It all became part of the story. The tales have gotten taller each day since. But that’s what made our wedding day so special. It wasn’t effortless. It was effortful. A wedding - like a marriage - takes a lot of work. So do friendships and families. Life shouldn’t be a series of paths of least resistance. Life should be a production. I loved that the start of our shared one was, too.

more at : http://lizziegoes.com/


 Congratulation Lizzy and John! We wish you all the best on your Spanish adventure ! You are wonderful couple!

fotografia: Ola Hopper     / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
                 Andrzej Witek / FOTOGRAFIA SITGES
venue: Masia Can Valldaura http://www.canvalldaura.com/

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