miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Praski Story

praski --------- hmmmm -------- i have to ------- cant be that bad ------- hmmmmm

ma'am, we dont have any of your charts ------------ i'll wait, please keep looking ------ here it is -------- your name again?

waiting ------ not just me ----------- waiting----------- looking around ----- waiting

good --- i can still walk ----- poor lady ---- she must have good daughter, she took time off work ----- i have good daugter too

ok, time to go   ---- where is that again?

descending into the x-ray basement ------- green dark basement ----- it will be quick, i hope, i want
was it flooded recently ? ------ why these women are so unpleasant here? ------- i really want to get out quick

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Targówek Welcome

One of the most infamous districts of Warsaw - happened to be my home :) Targówek is one big "blokowisko", I guess in the west called a "project". As most of my generation we grew up in those, 2,3-room apartments with bath and kitchen with a wonderful view on other 3-bedms-bath-kitchens. 

Surrounded by high project buildings, old architecture crumbles uninhibited and forgotten.... ... while the tall weeds get their half-a-decade makeover ...

To get away from it all you can kill some time at local Tesco, with the wide range of polish cuisine - flaki, kurczak z rozna, golonka z gryczana or choose from wide range of price-oriented fashion items.

Many locals, my fellow neighbors and ex-schoolmates prefer to spend their free time on "działkas" - small garden quarters that somehow people came across owning throughout 80-ties. Działkas" are famous for the spontaneously staring fires, late night police raids and free cherries you can pick in season from your next-door grandma's "działka". Besides that it is great place to spend time with your buddies drinking "Biedronka's" cheap beer or hang out on the heat distribution pipes.  

Welcome to Targowek ! I hate Biedronka !

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Silent Disco , huh ????

Silent disco at Opener Festival, Gdynia 2011. Tons of people dancing in complete silence in old airplane hangar. So much FUN!

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