viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Festa Major Sitges 2010

written by Keith Grafton:
"Each year at the end of August the town goes mad, and this is a place that many think had long lost any form of sanity. Festa Major grips the town!!. Giant status parade through the narrow streets, bands play from early morning to noon and into the night. The whole thing apparently is to celebrate the t...own’s history and the fight of good against evil.
But be warned the devils make a significant impact on the whole proceedings. With a dragon and an eagle breathing fire and smoke, fireworks exploding all around. All the locals come well prepared with hats and glasses, the shop keepers board up their shop fronts just before each parade, this is serious business. These fireworks are not for the meek or faint hearted, and the streets are narrow. A day at Festa Major will leave its marks on your jeans and T-shirts, so be prepared.
The celebration is topped off by one of the biggest beach firework displays in the whole of Spain. 11:00 at night the beach is packed to capacity, to witness 45 minutes and 1 Million Euros worth of fireworks. The town looks like its set on fire and the whole display is something to marvel at "

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